The Semi-Occasional Diane

Diane Capewell
12 November 1965
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I was born in Syracuse, New York, in the middle of the 1960s. The week I was born they also got five FEET of snow.

I used to be called Diane Reamy until I married a wacky Englishman [stuartc] and moved to Scotland (just one in a series of confusing events that will likely continue until we both die, possibly longer). We have just moved to the LA area as of the 14th of October, 2004; I'd like to claim this is the scariest thing I've ever done, but I would be SO lying. We have moved into a MARVELOUS house in Culver City. It's a bit further inland than we'd hoped for, but the house is so nice that it more than makes up for that. We've gotten the ISP thing sorted, so pictures should appear somewhere. Soonish. (Yeah, right...)

So far I have lived in Syracuse, New York (too young to remember); Maryland (various suburbs of Baltimore, growing up); Maryland (various suburbs of DC, during and after attending the University of Maryland at College Park); Massachusetts (Somerville, Boston, Malden, Gloucester, Malden again, Allston, Brighton, Watertown, and Malden Yet Again); Scotland (Dundee); and California (various beige temporary accommodations in Marina Del Rey). Oddly, I still fear and despise moving, although by now you'd think I would be really good at it.

I am also known as the Goddess of Small Annoying Puzzles.

I once played bass on stage at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. People seemed to enjoy it.

So for now, I'm hanging out in Sunny California, growing my hair, looking for a job, contemplating losing those last 15 pounds, and generally enjoying life.

Update: Found a job, joined the Alpine dragon boating team and the band, have become thoroughly addicted to WoW, and now have no time for anything else. Last 15 pounds still firmly in place. Cats making everyone in the house insane.

Updated further: With the insane husband, have bought a house in Torrance and will now never lack for projects again.